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Responsive design turned from a hot trend into an emerging standard. Get into the gallery of PowerPlusComputer’s responsive website templates. They are the best option to cater your site to any possible viewing device without worrying about screen resolution and specific platform support. One template will serve them all. Available Layout Options: desktop 980px layout, tablet 768px layout, smartphone 480px layout and smartphone 320px layout.

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Advantages of using responsive web design: it keeps your desktop and mobile content on a single URL, which is easier for your users to interact with, share, and link to and for Google’s algorithms to assign the indexing properties to your content. Google can discover your content more efficiently as we wouldn’t need to crawl a page with the different Googlebot user agents to retrieve and index all the content…

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  • icon_1Fluid Grids

    Fluid grids refer to fluid designs where the grid units resize according to screen size. It is about defining your own parameters for various objects in code like columns, spacing and containers. Size and spacing are the two main components to focus on in creating your flexible grid system. Whether you’re using a premade grid system or creating a custom solution, use percentages (or ems) rather than pixels as your units of measurement. More

  • icon_2Screen Resolutions

    Common resolutions include the 320px portrait width and 480px landscape width of smartphones, 768px portrait width and 1024px landscape width of tablets (and typical netbook resolutions) as well as various desktop monitor resolutions. A layout that only caters for preset resolutions is often referred to as being adaptive, whereas a truly responsive layout will be built using ems or percentages, allowing an infinite level of scaling. More

  • icon_3CSS Media Queries

    Media queries allow designers to build multiple layouts using the same HTML documents by selectively serving stylesheets based on the user agent’s features, such as the browser window’s size, orientation, screen resolution, color. They act as conditional comments that are able to indicate the used device and serve up different code for different device attributes, in other words target different screen resolutions with different styles. More

  • icon_4Flexible Images

    Flexible images move and scale with the flexible grid. This means scaling down according to the HTML attributes of height and width for more text content on smaller devices. The other way to scale images is cropping them with the help of CSS overflow property. The containers around images will shift to fit new display environments. One more way is loading different image versions to a server and displaying the proper size version dynamically depending on the used device. More

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