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Drupal Theme Development

As a Web designer, Drupal theme development could be your secret to untold riches. The reason why is because there is a high demand for Drupal themes. On one popular network, there are themes that sell for over $3,000 a piece! If you could sell just one of these a day, you would become a millionaire in a year. You just have to create the types of themes that webmasters are looking for. To successfully do this, you need to take on the mindset of a typical webmaster.

Premium Drupal Themes

With this approach, Drupal template development becomes much easier. For example, instead of creating one general template, consider creating a multitude of designs. Each theme should be geared for a particular niche. Pet sites should contain images of dogs and other domesticated animals. Mortgage sites should have images of houses. The possibilities are endless, especially if you use existing affiliate programs as a guide. Simply visit Clickbank or Commission Junction and review the most popular affiliate programs. Create your themes with them in mind, while still keeping things general in nature. Never list brand names or products, as this responsibility lies on the person who purchases the theme.

SEO is another factor to consider when engaging in Drupal theme development. This is something that is ignored by other Drupal developers. However, on other networks, SEO sites sell for thousands of dollars. This is because they come with preexisting content and traffic. You could use the same approach with Drupal templates. With each niche site, create ten articles with 2 to 3 percent keyword density. So, an article of 500 words should contain a prominent keyword 10 to 15 times. If you need help determining which keyword to use, consider getting a keyword analyzer. Use it to find terms that have hundreds of searches but very low competition.

Drupal Theme Development

If your Drupal theme development goes well, you will gain sales in a minimal amount of time. When this starts to happen, think about how you can use your customers to gain residual income. Beginning Internet marketers rely on email marketing, but this is becoming less popular. Instead, consider offering Drupal Web hosting. If you cannot do this directly, join a host that offers reseller hosting. From there, offer the hosting for $5 a month. Try to include the site on the account, so the buyer doesn’t have to do anything on their own. Play your cards right, and you will gain money from not only the sale of the theme, but also from the hosting service that you provide.


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