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Open Source E-Commerce Solutions

Those TV viewers that watched the 2000 Superbowl saw a very different group of advertisements. The newer ads demonstrated the growing presence of online business opportunities. The airing of those ads apparently motivated many young entrepreneurs to consider pursuing their own way to make money online. All they had to do was to take advantage of the available open source solutions.

One group of business-minded people put together the availability of open source solutions and the obvious need for E-commerce software. They created a web site devoted to distribution of open source e-commerce solutions. They called their new website “osCommerce.”

That site sought to increase the money making potential possessed by the average online merchant. It capitalized on the fact that each of the open source solutions was free to the public. Provisions put tighter under GNU, a General Public License, had guaranteed the ready availability of those O.S. solutions.

The fore-thinking men and women who put together the oscommerce web site used the available O.S. solutions to create unique and important functions. Thus, they could offer software that had the ability to help with functions that any virtual store owner had to perform, in order to set up and run his or her virtual storefront. Those functions facilitated front end and back end tasks, such as the development of catalog items and the performance of administrative responsibilities.

Creating Online Stores Worldwide

The new oscommerce software provided online merchants with the ability to purchase extremely useful software, software not then available in brick and mortar stores. The smart thinkers at oscommerce made certain to create software that could integrate easily into any web site. They realized that the easy integration of their software would increase its desirability, in the eyes of any business person that operated an online storefront.

Open Source e-Commerce Solutions

The response from the men and women running virtual stores indicated their eagerness to try the oscommerce software. Those online merchants realized that once they had invested in this new online product, then they could carry out their multiple front end and back end duties without wasting a lot of extra time and effort. By the same token, they could use the oscommerce products without spending a great deal of money.

Now the creators of the oscommerce web site wanted to reach as many people as possible. Therefore, they began to offer their programs in three different languages: English, Spanish and German. In addition, they developed programs that could help with international transactions, transactions that required knowledge of the currency exchange rates all over the globe.

At the same time, the minds behind the oscommerce site sought to reduce the number of headaches associated with shipping goods to waiting customers. They put together programmed solutions with weight, price and destination based shipping modules.  They also offered a way for an online merchant to control the display of information on products that were no longer in stock.

By placing together all of those useful tools, the operators of wealth of open source commerce solutions helped online entrepreneurs the world over to become successful business owners.

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