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Top 50 Professional Responsive Drupal Themes

Professional Drupal themes are very helpful for beginning website designers. Through them, an individual can create a powerful website without knowledge of HTML, JavaScript or other web-programming languages. In fact, the process is so easy, all a person has to do is type in their information. There are no worries over graphics since the template already has them in place. The only real difficulty one may encounter is choosing which theme to work with. If a person makes the wrong choice, they might have trouble establishing a memorable brand. This is especially the case for sites that are too simplistic or contain graphics that do not relate to the business at hand.

Responsive Drupal Themes

This can all be prevented if a person is familiar with the different types of professional Drupal themes available. The simplest ones are distributed with the Drupal program itself. Redfire, Acquia Marina and Zen are a few common examples. They contain no photos and a very basic graphic design.

Their layout usually consists of one to three different columns. This adds a touch of professionalism. However, the lack of photos makes these themes somewhat boring. A person should only use them if they are promoting an information site. If they are selling something, they need a theme that is more elaborate.

There are a multitude of free professional Drupal themes that fit this description. Their design can take one of two approaches. The most common has a banner at the top, with linking areas underneath. These linking areas can be flush up against the banner or on the right or left side of the site. In the banner itself, there is a snazzy photo. This differs from the second approach, which incorporates photos into the site’s background. The linking areas remain the same, as links can be placed at the top or on the sides.

Responsive Drupal Templates

If a person decides to buy professional Drupal themes, even more options are available. They could get layouts with four or more columns. There is also the option of getting a Flash design. This allows a website to come alive with animation. Indeed, there is no limit to what a person can find. They just need to be careful not to overspend, as paid Drupal themes can cost thousands of dollars.

Professional Drupal Theme

Web designers do not need to spend this much if they are creating a basic site. If they cannot find what they need with a free theme, they should limit their budget to $100 or less. Themes in this range should give them enough flexibility to create a site that is both unique and professional.

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