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Top 20 Premium Responsive Drupal Templates

Without premium Drupal themes, you are forced to use the standard ones that come with the Drupal system. While these themes are not necessarily bad, they lack the type of pizzazz that new websites need. They have no pictures and their colors are somewhat blasé. Premium themes work differently. Since these themes usually come at a price, they are designed with style in mind. As a result, they tend to be livelier and more colorful than standard Drupal themes. In addition, premium themes offer more variety when it comes to your site’s layout.

Premium Drupal Themes

A specific example can be seen with the Top1000Templates’ Drupal theme. Unlike other premium Drupal themes, this particular template allows you to display photos in a slideshow format. This makes Top1000Templates theme a good choice for artists, photographers or anyone else that is trying to build a visual portfolio of their work.

This includes authors, who could use the template to showcase an online children’s book. Even realtors can benefit, since they can use the template to create a virtual tour of a house on sale.

RocketTheme is another interesting choice among premium Drupal themes. Its layout is broken down into six different sections. The elements within these sections are placed horizontally. The topmost portions contain a login area and a banner. The middle section contains two linking areas and a photo.

The fourth section contains three photos with linking areas beneath them. The fifth section contains a mixture of content. Here you can profile blog posts and a photo gallery. Finally, there is the last section where you can provide extraneous information about your site. Legal information as well as contact information can be placed in this area.

Professional Drupal Template

Now, why would a person want to use this layout, especially when it differs from other premium Drupal themes? Well, RocketTheme’s unique design organizes different types of content without appearing too “busy.” Users do not have to sift through dozens of textual links to find what they need. Also, by the fact that RocketTheme is highly graphical, the few links that are there stand out more. People will be compelled to click just because of the pictures. Traditional themes do not offer this advantage. Their linking areas contain only text, which is a bit of an eyesore. The casual surfer may not be interested in all that reading. With RocketTheme, aesthetics is used to create interest. This approach offers more universal appeal.

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