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Unique Drupal Template – Basic Methods for Acquiring One

A unique Drupal template helps define a person’s website.  There is just one problem.  Most free Drupal templates can be downloaded by other people.  Consequently, groups of webmasters could be using the same theme without even knowing it.  This is until SEO is done, especially for templates that share similar niches.  When this happens, the two sites stand side-by-side in Google with no differences between them.  Web surfers end up losing faith in all of them, as they associate each site with an advertising scheme.  Indeed, the last thing a webmaster needs is to compete with sites that share the exact same design.

Paying for a unique Drupal template is one way a webmaster can get around this issue. What they will need to do is buy a template that offers an exclusive license. With an exclusive license, only one person is allowed to use the site. No one else gets access because after the sale is made, the provider removes the template from their website. In exchange, they receive a hefty amount of money, as exclusive templates can cost hundreds even thousands of dollars.  Granted, this is cheaper than hiring a Web designer, but for many budgets such an amount is still unattainable.

If this is a problem, there is another method for acquiring a unique Drupal template.  It involves using a Drupal theme generator.  This is a program that comes loaded with an array of predesigned templates.  Each of them can be manipulated using a variety of special tools.  With a Drupal theme generator, you can change color, layout and image arrangement.  No advanced knowledge is needed, since these programs use a WYSIWYG interface.  Ultimately, if a person can create a document in a word processing program, they will have no difficulty using a Drupal theme generator.

Premium Drupal Themes

A final option could involve using an existing theme to create a unique Drupal template.  In this situation, Adobe Photoshop and Notepad would be used.  Photoshop would make dramatic changes to colors and image design, provided that a webmaster knows how to use that program.  Meanwhile, Notepad would allow minor changes to the template’s color.  This is done by viewing the template in HTML format.  From there, a webmaster must look for the Color tag.

Unique Drupal Themes

Next to it, there should be an RGB code.  This is denoted by a pound sign and a series of numbers and letters.  This code must be replaced with a new value to reflect the color that a webmaster wants.  Online RGB color charts can help them make this determination.  To use them, a webmaster simply selects what color they need.  After that, they can copy and paste the new RGB code into the Color tag.  When the template is loaded, it will show the new color.

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