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XMAS WP Plugins

XMAS is right around the corner, time to decorate your blogs with some christmas dingles. Today we’ve made a selection of XMAS WP plugins that will easily bring christmas spirit to your weblog.

With the Santa, jingle bells and snowflakes taking the center stage welcome the XMAS spirit to your online weblog as well. Without a shadow of doubt, such planning can make your customers experience the best Holidays shopping.

Today’s topic of discussion will revolve around some of the best Christmas embellishments that can be added to your site to make it look festive.

Holiday Message WordPress Plugin

Holiday Message Xmas WP Plugin

Holiday Message allows you to add a popup message along with a holiday graphic, over the top or at the bottom of your site.

My Christmas Calendar WP Plugin

My Christmas Calendar WP Plugin

Add your advent-calendar to any page or post in WordPress. We do not recommend displaying it in a widget area unless the width of the area is at least equal to an iPhone screen.

Advent Calendar WP Plugin

Advent Calendar WordPress Plugin

This plugin easily outputs an advent calendar for your chosen year. In the current version one entry consits of a title and a featured image, that’s all! Fits perfect for any blog to release exclusive picture content on the 24 days before christmas.

Simply Snow WordPress Plugin

Simply Snow WordPress Plugin

There are a lot of plugins that create a snowing effect on your site, but I wanted one that simply added a snowing effect without options, clutter or drastically affecting my sites speed.

Christmas Countdown WP Widget

Christmas Countdown WP Widget

The Christmas Countdown Widget displays a cute Santa Claus counting down to Christmas in your sidebar. On Christmas day Santa displays a “Merry Christmas” greeting to your visitors. Since the countdown automatically updates each year and starts the countdown over again on the day after Christmas, you can leave it in your sidebar all year round if you want!

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